Rachel Pritz

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Hi, I'm Rachel! A life coach + business consultant, mom, wife, + leader. I help clients get rid of all the noise and limiting thoughts so they can step into their authentic power.

My Story

I’m a recovering healthcare executive, wife, mother, nurse, and tribe leader. When I returned to work after having my second child, I felt completely overwhelmed. I had a high pressure job and I was trying to do it all at work and home. I felt like I was failing in all aspects of life and if one of the many plates I had in the air dropped, I was screwed. I took this stress out on my husband and those around me. I played the blame game masterfully & sunk into victimhood. I kept thinking, I used to be funny and lighthearted. Where did that woman go? I numbed with tv, social media, shopping, food, you name it and I was grasping for it to find some happiness. Chardonnay was my primary stress relieving strategy, but it only worked short term. I wanted a long-term solutions that would help me find the joy back in my life. I wanted to enjoy my kids and be present with them. Not feeling like a zombie just going through the motions.  A mentor of mine suggested I reach out to her life coach. I was desperate so I went for it. Honestly, I had no idea what a life coach even did. I knew I didn’t need traditional therapy but thought I had no where to turn. You know how we talk about catalyst moments in our lives? This was one of mine.

My coach started me down a path to finding the joy in my life again. It didn’t happen over night and it took serious commitment on my part, but it truly transformed my life. I committed to becoming the best version of myself and dove in with both feet. Consuming every book or podcast I could get my hands on.

I recognized the significant transformation in myself and I even had co-worker and friends asking me what I was doing because they saw the results too. Colors even started looking brighter and my witty personality started to shine again. My confidence skyrocketed and I started being viewed as a high level leader in my organization and got promoted to a C-Level position.

I started coaching people as a side hustle while I committed to a year long coach training with Martha Beck (the same Martha Beck featured in O magazine). Slowly my client base started to build and I got so much satisfaction out of helping other people get the lives they deserve.

In March of 2019, I left my cushy, six figure salary and dedicated myself full-time to coaching. Now I can give my clients the attention they deserve. 

My #1 passion is helping people step into their power to live their most authentic life. 

Together we’ll build the necessary foundation for you to grow into the person you were meant to be.


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