1:1 Coaching with Rachel Pritz

Start Shaping Your New Life Today

Executive Coaching & Team Development

I help teams develop the ‘soft skills’. Most of us have the IQ and technical skills to do our jobs. What we are missing is the EQ. That’s where I come in. 

Life Coaching

Together we’ll identify what you want out of life. Not what you’ve been told you should want, but what you, as a beautiful wholehearted person, wants. You have one beautiful life and I want to help you design it. 

Enneagram Coaching

The Enneagram is a powerful tool that can awaken you to negative patterns of behavior. If you want to build your own self-awareness and the interpersonal relationships of your teams, family, or spouse. This is for you.

My Approach

Our lives are like complex puzzles. Some people have all the pieces, but don’t know how they all fit together. Others are still searching for missing pieces. Coaching can help you find pieces of you and fit them together.  

My coaching is individualized to your personality. No single client is the same and I help you tap into your innate personality and strengths.

I help you get unstuck in all aspects of life. Work or life, there is no balance only satisfaction. What we really all want is peace in our priorities. I’ll help you get clear on what those are and set healthy boundaries to take back your power. 1:1 coaching is like hiring a personal trainer for your mind.

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