Goodbye 30’s, Hello 40’s

Uncategorized Feb 08, 2022

Goodbye lack of confidence

Hello unshakable self-assurance


Goodbye the need for control

Hello to knowing I’m right where I’m supposed to be


Goodbye to the past

Hello to the present


Goodbye body shame

Hello loving my body and all she’s done for me


Goodbye overdrinking and overeating to numb emotions

Hello healthy living and feeling all my emotions, good and bad


Goodbye to people pleasing

Hello saying no, when I mean no


Goodbye keeping my mouth shut to keep the peace

Hello being brave enough to speak up in a respectful way


Goodbye black and white thinking

Hello knowing there are many shades of gray


Goodbye thinking complex problems have simple solutions

Hello knowing that complex problems have complex solutions


Goodbye uncertainty about my career

Hello knowing I’m doing exactly what I was put here to do


Goodbye judgment of myself and others

Hello understanding life is complex and we are all on our own journey


Goodbye perfectionism

Hello good enough


Goodbye I’m not good enough

Hello I’m good enough for today


Goodbye questioning my worth

Hello knowing my worth


Goodbye to miscarriages and stillbirth

Hello to my beautiful children here on earth


Goodbye struggling through grief

Hello knowing I can handle grief in my own way


Goodbye not knowing what my family will look like

Hello overwhelming joy with how it ended up


Goodbye worrying if I’m a good mom

Hello knowing I’m a good mom and my children are loved


Goodbye 30’s

Hello 40’s…I love you already.