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3 Reasons You’ll Love The Drink Less Live More Community

Finally, surround yourself with women who truly understand your struggles. We empathize and offer genuine support & encouragement.

Get consistent support from me every single month to help you stay aligned with your Soberish commitment. New tools and resources — plus live group coaching each month.

This is more than a group — we’re your accountability partner. I’ll check in with you personally each week via text and be active in the group.

So, why go at it alone when you can have the unwavering support of a community that truly understands? Let's live a more intentional life together.

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Hi, I’m Rachel!

Mom, Life Coach, and Passionate About Enjoying Life Alcohol-Free. 

I’m passionate about helping women reclaim their lives from societal pressure and alcohol's grip — which is why I created Soberish. 

My mission is simple: to empower you to control your relationship with alcohol, unlock everyday joy, and live with purpose. By joining the Drink Less Live More Community, you're gaining access to valuable resources, monthly masterclasses, group coaching, and weekly motivational texts.

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