Certified Coach | Certified Enneagram Coach | Podcast Host | Founder of Drink Less, Live More


"My personal mission is to grow and develop people towards their full potential. Starting with myself. " 

  -Rachel Pritz

I’m a certified coach, former healthcare executive, nurse, mom, wife, leader, community volunteer….

Does this sound familiar? We have so many roles and it’s easy to get lost within them. The world is moving around us faster than we can process. We need space to reflect, so we can be more intentional about the life we are trying to create. Having someone listen to you, without agenda, and help guide to your own answers can be powerful. It was life changing for me and I wouldn't be the women and business leader that I am without my coach. Learn more about my story here.


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Executive Coaching & Team Development

Take individuals and your team to the next level by building the needed 'soft skills' in order to drive business forward. Through 1:1 coaching and team development sessions, your people will learn the needed life and leadership skills in order to thrive. This isn't just checking another box. It's deep and impactful work that can transform your organization.

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Life Coaching

The world is coming at us faster than we can handle. We feel like we've followed all the rules, but still aren't happy. Life coaching can help you re-discover who you really are and get you more of the life you crave. I don't know the answers to your problems. But you do. I just help quiet the noisy world around you.

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Drink Less, Live More Program

You’ve probably tried to cut back your drinking more times than you’d care to admit. You are a high achieving woman that has her crap together. So why haven’t you been successful? It’s not because something is wrong with you. Here, we dig into the root cause and fix this problem for good. 

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The 14-Day Break from Booze

Taking a break from booze can help disrupt the habit and help you move closer to a healthier relationship with alcohol. This is self-guided and you get daily motivation, education, and coaching tips on how to make real change. 

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