Tom West is the co-founder of the Green Dot consulting group. He’s a ASQMBB, CLSSBB, PMO, OCM, MBNQE, CQM/OE, MBA. Phew, that’s a lot of acronymns.

All of these credentials were pursued for one purpose. He’s completely dedicated to improving processes and creating organizational cultures and communities where ideas can flourish and true, lasting change occur. He pursued these certifications so that he could better himself, with the purpose of helping to better others.

Outside of his passion for creating thriving organizations, I enjoy participating in endurance races and visiting our National Parks with my wife and our three boys. His bucket list is to see all the National Parks before the boys graduate from high school. Other than that, he and his wife enjoy renovation projects. There is nothing more fulfilling than taking an idea and bringing it in to reality.

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