The Enneagram

A dynamic tool that can wake you up from auto-pilot.

Helps you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be.



These are custom videos and guidebooks designed by me! As a certified Enneagram Coach, I have a passion for teaching the Enneagram so people can avoid the trap of memes and stereotypes. This is learn at your own pace so you can have as much time as you need to reflect and grow!

How it works

The Enneagram is hands down the personality assessment that told me the most about myself. I’ve done nearly every test out there, Myers-Briggs, Disc, Strengths Finder, Energy Leadership, Predictive Index, Kolbe… you name it. The Enneagram is the one that taught me about WHY I’m behaving the way I am, not just my behaviors. We all created a life strategy, or personality, in childhood. We designed it to protect ourselves and we likely tried on several different types. We landed on the one that caused the least amount of pain and suffering in lives and stuck with it. These unconscious patterns of behavior were carried through to adult hood and many of them are not serving us anymore. We’ve created limiting beliefs and our personal growth has been stunted. 

I studied the Enneagram for nearly 2 years and finally landed on my personality type. A social 9w8. It’s a complex assessment with so many layers. Your results will be  significantly enhanced with coaching. If you want to become self-aware and emotionally intelligent, the Enneagram can get you there.  

“Working with Rachel was amazing! Her knowledge of the Enneagram is deep but she is able to explain it in ways that are practical and accessible. I’ve already used what she taught me with another Type 2 “helper” coach”

-Mary Ellen G.

“Rachel has helped me see myself and my superpowers and blindspots as part of something bigger, not as someone who is weird or broken and needs to be fixed. I now embrace what makes me who I am.”

-Lindsay T.



Tests are not the ideal way to type yourself. They are often inaccurate and can steer you in the wrong direction. A certified coach can guide you towards your type. You’ll be led through a 1-hour virtual typing session so you can find your personality with Enneagram facts not stereotypes. You’ll also get access to my 120 page guide with growth opportunities, limiting beliefs, how to get along with me, and much more.

If you are in the beginning of your Enneagram journey, this is a great starting point.


So you’ve discovered your number. Now what? Together we will deep dive your personality type including:

  • Lines, arrow, wings
  • Level of health within your type
  • Potential relationship issues 
  • Childhood patterns
  • Growth opportunities and exercises
  • Career satisfaction based on your type
  • Discover unique gifts and talents
  • Access to my 100+ page guidebook with all the types and much more.


If you are seeking real change in your life. You are finally sick of feeling like you were meant for more, but not know what. This is for you. You’ll get everything in the deep dive and we’ll add in life coaching tools such as:

  • Body compass (helps balance the thinking, doing, feeling center)
  • Thought Inquiry: We’ll challenge those limiting beliefs and finally get you unstuck.
  • Social-Essential self connection
  • Brave leadership & communication 

These sessions are customizable and they are designed for you!

“Rachel helped me learn more about my team in 3 hours than I could have possibly learned in 3 years without her help.”

-Melissa D.


Your entire team can have a quicker and deeper understanding of one another and how to work most effectively with each individual. Group workshops and individual coaching sessions offered. We create a shared language that we carry through to continuous workshops. This isn’t one and done. We’ll keep building on our knowledge.

Great for:

  • Leaders
  • Newly formed teams
  • Teams looking to build trust 
  • Customizable sessions and content

How do you know if this is right for you?

Questions About The Enneagram?