Welcome, I’m Rachel

Certified Life Coach | Certified Enneagram Coach 


You’ve probably tried to cut back your drinking more times than you’d care to admit.

I’m a Certified Life Coach, former healthcare executive, nurse, mom, wife, leader…

Does this sound familiar? We have so many roles and it’s easy to get lost. We are constantly told to practice self-care but what if you don’t know what that is for you anymore?
My clients come to me knowing something is missing but unsure what. I help them articulate what that is and put them back on the path towards a peace filled life. Coaching isn’t me telling you what you should do, but more guiding you to the answers you already have. Our busy lives can completely consume us and you can get over socialized to be a certain way. Suddenly, you wake up one day and ask, “Where is the person I used to be?” You are still in there, we just have to wake you back up. If you are ready to get rid of the exhaustion and overwhelm I’m here to help. I don’t believe in work-life balance but I do believe in work-life harmony. I also believe we get to define what that means to us and then implement our design. You can enjoy a peace filled, guilt-free life. We just have to help you discover who you were before the world told you who you should be.

We all have unique gifts and there’s no one in the world just like you.

The problem is we aren’t always clear on what makes us special. We are hiding and not living as our authentic selves. One thing is for certain, you were not put here to just go through the motions. You were meant for something great. You don’t have to be Gandhi to make an impact on the world, but you have to do something.  

“There are 7 days in the week and one of them is not someday.”

– Rachel Pritz

Our brain is the most powerful organ in our bodies and yet we know the least about it. Getting laser focused on who you are innately offer us grace and knowledge to live out the person we want to be.

Our thinking is what limits us, not our circumstances or feelings. Many people can name how they’re feeling but digging into deeply held belief systems, takes you to the next level.  It’s worked for me and countless numbers of clients and it can work for you too. You can train your brain to think in a way that serves you. Learning this skill can set you apart from others. 

“We are the most over informed under-reflective civilization in history.”

– Harvard Psychologists

What is coaching +
who is it for?

For those of you who are new to coaching, let me just give you a brief overview of what it is and isn’t.  Coaches work with mentally healthy people to help them articulate the areas of dissatisfaction in their lives so they can achieve maximum joy.

Coaching is NOT psychotherapy, counseling and/or advice giving.  It is not a substitute for therapy and it is not suitable for people with serious emotional problems.

Coaches do not tell clients what to do or think. Rather, we encourage our clients to find and trust their own wisdom and instincts.  But first, we need to get you out of your own way. We do this through asking powerful questions and breaking through negative thought patterns that aren’t serving you and the people around you. 

I’ll help you become aware of the thoughts that are limiting you and strengthen your emotional intelligence. Coaching is particularly helpful for those who feel “that something is missing” or “this can’t be all there is to life”. Commit to your own growth and development just like you would a nutrition plan or exercise program. You’ll be surprised how you start meeting physical goals when you remove the head trash and get clear about who you are.                                                             

I build a personalized plan for you based on your personality type. Together, we better understand how you see the world through the lens of the Enneagram personality assessment. Don’t worry, I’ll coach you through this complex and dynamic tool. Then we can start to make lasting change that your family and colleagues will notice.

My Story

I’m a recovering healthcare executive, wife, mother, nurse, and tribe leader. When I returned to work after having my second child, I felt completely overwhelmed and exhausted. I had a high pressure job and I was trying to do it all at work and home. I felt like I was failing in all aspects of life and if one of the many plates I had in the air dropped, I was screwed. I took this stress out on my husband and those around me. I played the blame game masterfully and sunk into victimhood. 

A mentor of mine suggested I reach out to her life coach. I was desperate so I went for it.

I help people remember who they were before the world told them who they should be.

– Rachel Pritz

What They Say

Rachel uses her extremely high emotional intelligence to both support and challenge others to be their best. She is extremely professional, yet approachable and down to earth. Her ability to help others identify and reach meaningful goals with actionable steps makes her extremely valuable to anyone seeking to improve their life! I highly recommend Rachel and her dynamic skill set.
- Laura P.

Rachel has all right ingredients to mentor and coach others – high emotional intelligence, passion, heart, care and concern in helping others grow and reach their potential. A natural developer of others! Coaching with Rachel will be a life changer you won’t want to miss.
- Kathleen M.

Rachel Pritz is a strategic visionary leader.  She has an intimate understanding of how to identify others gifts + a clear handle on the potential opportunities they face. She listens for intent + has a knack for being candid in her coaching.  She is known for her proactive approach to building collaborative relationships, with the desire to bring about the greater good for all. She is a true servant leader who consistently models self-awareness, genuine connection, agility, + effective communication.  She is will help you navigate through your own strengths + weaknesses to ultimately set you up to be your most  authentic of yourself.”
- Carol S.