Better Rhodes

The one-stop alcohol free shop! You aren't resigned to drinking sparkling water while you experiment. Not drinking alcohol doesn't mean your drinks have to be boring. 

Alcohol-Free on Amazon

Who doesn't love the convenience of Amazon. If hunted all over my city to find the best alcohol free options and most of them can be conveniently delivered to your doorstep. 

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 Book Recommendations

Every single one of these books has shifted me into the confident and bold woman I am today. 

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Pretty Glasses

I love a pretty drink in a pretty glass. The ritual and social aspect of drinking is what I missed. So, I kept the ritual without the hangover.

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Curious Elixers

These are hands down my favorite mocktails and they are ready to go from the bottle. They have adaptogens, which actually help you unwind. Plus their motto is 'Shaken not Slurred'. What's not to love about this?


Amazon Finds

I own everything on here. My sister affectionately calls me because I'm always ordering something.

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Oculus Quest 2

I've always struggled with meditation. The Tripp App in the Oculus is exactly what I needed. Visual and auditory guided meditations to keep mentally healthy and focused. If you have kids, you can buy it for them and steal it. That's what I did!


Kajabi for Business Owners

Are you a fellow coach or business owner? Kajabi has been such a great one stop shop platform for my business. Email services, web design (super user friendly), and an easy to build online program and community. When I added up all the 3rd parties I was using, Kajabi was a no brainer. 

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Brand partnerships

I have one rule with product partnerships. I have to own it and love it in order to endorse it. 

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