Many seemingly put together women over-drink.

Nothing is wrong with you.

Alcohol doesn’t have to be a make-or-break in your relationships.

We’ll help you develop the skills to…

Live a life of health and peace

You'll create habits and a new mindset to stop depending on drinking and start being present in your life. Enjoy the beautiful part of being human, learn to manage stress, and live up to your full potential. 

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Rachel Pritz, MSN, RN

Certified Coach and Drink Less Live More Podcast
I was living life without intention and alignment to who I really am. I spent decades checking off all of the life boxes our culture has sold us — but our culture lied to me.
  • Get a Bachelor's degree
  • Get a Master's degree
  • Find a supportive partner
  • Buy a big house
  • Have kids
  • Climb the corporate ladder
  • Take fancy vacations

All these things didn't make me happy like I was told they would. I was coming home from work exhausted and overwhelmed. Thinking of what to make for dinner every night is a special kind of hell — and my only coping mechanism to quiet the overwhelm was opening a bottle of wine. I'd have a glass while cooking dinner and then another glass while we ate. Then another glass or two after the kids were in bed. It felt normal since all of my friends and colleagues were doing this too. But, I felt groggy, ashamed, and lifeless. 

I felt like a zombie walking around in real life. Needless to say, not the life craved. And I felt like a victim to my circumstance. "This is just what it's like to be a working mom" was my belief system.

I was driving to work one day thinking, "What if I just got into a minor car accident? One that would put me in the hospital, but not do permanent damage. Maybe I could finally get someone to take care of me." Yikes. 

When my 5-year-old self was playing with her dolls, she never had a scenario where this was the storyline — where Barbie was a stressed-out, wine-drinking mom of 2, that snapped at the people she loved the most. 

I knew something had to drastically change. I confided in a mentor and she suggested a life coach she'd worked with. At this point, I had no idea life coaching was even a real job. I thought you went to therapy or you did it alone.

As I did more research, coaching seemed like exactly what I needed. I hadn't experienced any major traumas and I didn't feel like digging into the past was what I needed. So I reached out to the recommendation and the rest is history. She slowly helped me go from barely surviving to thriving

I learned to thrive in my executive role and got promoted. I was on a rocket ship and the sky was the limit. I felt so empowered that I realized being confined behind 4 walls of one organization just wasn't enough for me. 

So, I decided to get certified as a coach with the one and only Martha Beck and I started planning my future as a coach and entrepreneur. On March 1st, 2019, I left my corporate job and followed my passion and help others unleash their full potential. Many people told me it was a brave decision. Normally I would agree. But when you are doing the thing that hasn't just nudged you but hit you with a sledgehammer over and over, you just know you'll make it work. 

What I Want For YOU… 

Develop healthy coping skills to manage stress, anxiety, and other emotions

Prioritize your needs and well-being first for a change

Feel connected to your purpose and values — so you can live life on YOUR terms

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My Commitment.

It all starts with understanding you.

The core of our methodology and programs are based on understanding the why behind your desire to drink. We know the countless “use your willpower” programs just don’t work. That’s why we help you address your desire and create new frameworks that support your healthier lifestyle.

No Shaming — Only Compassion. 

We'll take a holistic approach to your wellbeing — not just your physical health. So many of us have just moved around things we really just need to heal. 

It’s time to address them so we can come out stronger. This is how you achieve long-lasting results.

No Permanent Commitments.

Quitting is scary. That’s why we don’t ask you to quit. Instead, we explore a break and how it makes you feel. Don’t worry about next week. Focus on today. The beauty of being Soberish is you don’t have to quit. We’ll talk all about special occasions and scheduling drinks. 

You’re a whole person.

It may sound silly, but how often do you remember that you’re not just someone trying to achieve X goal? It’s easy to get caught up in that mentality. (And one of the reasons we have trouble giving ourselves compassion.) That’s why we focus on understanding you as a whole person — your triggers, Enneagram type, why you drink, and so much more. 

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Ready to embrace a healthy, alcohol-free life?

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